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Responsible Gaming

Booming Games operates as a Business-to-Business (B2B) company and provides slot games to gaming aggregators and Business-to-Customer (B2C) gaming operators in the gambling industry. Although we do not have direct interaction with players, responsible gaming is a top priority to us and forms an important part of our Company’s ethos.

Our aim first and foremost is to entertain players - we want players to have fun and enjoy playing our games, but we are equally dedicated to supporting responsible gambling.

When it comes to the design, features and marketing of our slot games, responsible gaming is a key requirement in order to help ensure gambling is enjoyed in a safe and controlled manner by an adult audience of players.

As a licensed and regulated casino software provider in several jurisdictions, our games are tested and certified by an accredited third-party test house to ensure the requirements set out by the regulatory authorities are met. It is our company strategy to enter regulated markets and we fully support new regulations which place important responsible gaming requirements on both us as suppliers and operators (the casinos) to provide players with all of the tools and support they need.

Responsible Product Design

Our slot games are designed responsibly to minimise the likelihood that they exploit or encourage problem gambling behaviour. We ensure that our games do not encourage players to:

  • Chase their losses,
  • Increase the amount they have decided to gamble, or
  • Continue to gamble after they have indicated that they wish to stop.

Booming Games ensures that our games are compliant with the requirements of the Advertising Standards Authority, specifically we ensure that our games do not appeal to young children with the use of:

  • particular colours (e.g. soft pinks, blues, etc. in combination with one or more of the points below),
  • characters and artwork that are cute, have cartoonish/comic book graphics, or which might incorporate elements of well-known cartoon characters from children’s stories, fairytales, and animated movies that may inadvertently target children, and
  • game titles that are likely, alone or in combination, to enhance appeal to children.

Responsible Gaming Features

As part of our efforts to support responsible gaming, all games that we offer to casino operators are compatible and able to work in conjunction with responsible gaming features or have built-in responsible gaming features to ensure players have a safe and controlled gaming experience.

These features include, but are not limited to:

Play Limits:

All our games come equipped with gameplay limits (e.g. spend limit, loss limit). Once activated by the casino operator, our games will provide an in-game message letting players know that the limit has been reached. This feature is a reminder to players that they have spent or lost an amount which they set as their limit and thus allows them to monitor and control their spending.

Reality Check:

The Reality Check feature displays a periodic in-game notification when a player has been playing for a specified time based on a frequency selected by the player. When the reality check is displayed, the gameplay is suspended - even during auto-play, and only resumed once the player has acknowledged the message. This feature allows players to maintain a grasp on reality and ensures they aren’t playing for too long.

Game Speed:

To make gameplay safer our games can be configured so that a certain amount of time (typically 3 seconds) must pass between two game rounds. With this configuration, the game quick spin functionality is disabled. This feature reduces the speed of play, as problem gambling is often associated with fast gameplay where the player is no longer interested in the enjoyment or fun element of gambling.

Visible Clock:

All our games support a time display feature (e.g. wall clock, session clock). This feature makes it easier for players to maintain a correct sense of time and how long they have been playing for.

Problem Gambling Prevention and Treatment

We are committed to donating to research into the prevention and treatment of gambling-related harms, harm prevention approaches and treatment for those harmed by gambling.